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There are lots of different types of tyres and finding the right one for your vehicle is crucial. Thankfully, at Melksham Tyre Supplies, our team are on hand to help. You’ll see below just some of the tyres we stock and fit. Click the links to find out more or book online today.

Wheel balancing and disposal are included in the price of all tyre fittings.

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Finding the right tyre size can be tricky, especially if you have aftermarket wheels fitted. Thankfully with our Tyre Finder, you can simply enter your registration to immediately find the correct size for your vehicle.

A quick quide to the most common tyre sizes

Common Name Width Aspect Ratio Rim Diameter Find Tyre
205/55/16 205mm 55 16″ Find Your Tyres
275/40/20 275mm 40 20″ Find Your Tyres
225/40/18 225mm 40 16″ Find Your Tyres
215/55/16 215mm 55 16″ Find Your Tyres
195/65/15 195mm 65 15″ Find Your Tyres
195/60/15 195mm 60 15″ Find Your Tyres
185/65/15 185mm 65 15″ Find Your Tyres
175/65/15 175mm 65 15″ Find Your Tyres
165/70/14 165mm 70 14″ Find Your Tyres


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