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Specifically designed to handle additional loads, van tyres are more durable and stronger than standard car tyres. Buy your van a leading local garage with over 50 years experience.

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What are Van Tyres?

Van tyres are a specific tyre type for heavier commercial vehicles like vans and light trucks. Compared to conventional tyres, they have a stronger construction to handle the increased loads and offer greater durability for frequent usage.

The strengthened sidewalls often bear markings indicating the tyre’s weight capabilities – for example, XL (extra load) or RF (reinforced).

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Van Tyres

Load Rating and Van Tyres

If you go beyond the load capacity of any tyre, you’ll damage the wheel and risk popping the tyre. Thankfully, tyre manufacturers mark the load value on the tyre’s sidewall. Because each tyre is manufactured with a particular load capacity in mind, it’s critical to match the correct tyre to the correct vehicle.

However, load markings only indicate the maximum load capacity for the tyre. For optimal results, it’s best to rely on an experienced van tyre fitter. They’ll advise on durability, affordability, load capacity, and other factors relevant to your vehicle.

Van tyres and car tyres: what’s the difference?

There are two primary differences between van tyres and car tyres: load and usage.

Van tyres’ robust construction supports heavier loads and endures more wear and tear than traditional commercial tyres. The reinforced sidewall and sturdy internal structure distribute and withstand any added cargo or passenger transport weight.

In contrast, car tyres are designed for lighter vehicles with an emphasis on a comfortable ride, good handling, and fuel economy. From the flexible sidewall to the different tread patterns, car tyres are unsuitable for heavier loads of vans and light trucks.

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Average Distance for Van tyres

According to Kwik-Fit, the average tyre lasts around 20,000 miles or 10 years. Even the best tyres, sooner or later, experience significant wear and require replacement.
The average distance van tyres will go is comparable to normal car tyres. However, fitting normal car tyres to a van can significantly shorten this lifespan. Car tyres will wear quicker, handling a much greater load compared to the specially designed van tyre frame and tread.

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