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Designed specifically for electric motors to promote range and handling, electric vehicle tyres are the go-to choice for electric vehicles (EVs). Find and buy your EV tyres today.

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What are Electric Car Tyres?

Electric cars are specialised tyres designed to handle the particular demands of electric vehicles (EVs). Unlike conventional tyres, they can handle the much heavier weight of EVs due to their batteries. Moreover, the tyres cater to the instant torque and higher acceleration found in electric cards.

Expect better grip and stability, as the tyres are constructed to reduce rolling resistance, maximising the vehicle’s driving distance per charge. Plus, with a lower noise profile, your EV will move more swiftly and quietly than conventional vehicles.

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Electric Car Tyres

Why are EV Tyres Different?

Electric car tyres must balance being as lightweight as possible (to prolong battery life) combined with strong enough to support the motor and batteries. That’s without mentioning the increased grip demanded by access to instant torque.

To handle all these challenges, the tyres rely on thicker rubber to withstand the extra load without adding the bulk you usually find in 4×4 tyres or motorhome tyres.

EV tyres also incorporate noise-reduction technology. Without these specialised tyres, EVs would be substantially louder – more noticeable without the sound of an internal combustion engine.

Electric car tyres also reduce rolling resistance. The greater a tyre’s grip on the road, the more fuel a car burns or uses. Compared to ICE tyres, you’ll save more fuel, reducing charging times.

Main Advantages of Electric Car Tyres

Electric vehicles might look like regular vehicles, but they’re not. The absence of an internal combustion engine (ICE) means that EVs are, on average, 20-30% heavier – primarily due to the large lithium-ion battery tanks. Such unusual conditions require a specific type of tyre. You’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Lower rolling resistance for increased range
  • Specifically designed for quieter operation
  • Enhanced durability to handle increased torque
  • Optimised for the heavier-weight of electric vehicles
  • Improved traction for efficient energy use
  • Reduces carbon footprint with eco-friendly materials
  • Suitable for high-performance electric cars

Electric Car Tyres in Melksham

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