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Prepare for winter with the right set of tyres. Winter tyres – or ‘cold weather tyres’ – ensure your vehicle is ready for the icy roads and snowy conditions. Buy your winter tyres from Melksham Tyre Supplies today.

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What are Winter Tyres?

Despite looking like summer tyres, winter tyres are specifically designed to stay safe during cold weather conditions. Made from a unique rubber compound that remains flexible in low temperatures, they’re renowned for their superior grip. They also have a distinct deep tread pattern, reducing the risk of sliding.

However, winter tyres aren’t just for driving in the snow. They work optimally in conditions below +7°C. That means they provide superior grip and handling even in wet and icy conditions.

The strengthened sidewalls often bear markings indicating the tyre’s weight capabilities – for example, XL (extra load) or RF (reinforced).

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Key Benefits of Winter Tyres

Considering buying winter tyres? Here are some key advantages of switching to cold-weather tyres:

  • Enhanced grip on icy and snowy roads
  • Flexible rubber compound for low temperatures
  • Improved handling and stability in winter conditions
  • Reduced braking distances on cold, wet surfaces
  • Effective water dispersion to prevent aquaplaning
  • Increased safety and control during winter driving
  • Durable and long-lasting in cold weather
  • Optimal performance in temperatures below 7°C

Why Buy Winter Tyres?

Buying winter tyres feels like an added expense. Driving in the UK doesn’t present the same challenges as Canada, Central Europe, or even parts of the US. However, drivers often underestimate the number of days of ice and snow on British roads or the risk of injury or fatality.

An investigation by Admiral found almost a quarter of Brits had been in a car accident due to severe winter conditions – 10% listed black ice as the cause. Little wonder that the insurance provider reports the highest volume of car insurance claims in November, December, and January.

Truthfully, winter tyres save lives and prevent accidents. While there’s no UK legal requirement to change your tyres, doing so can keep your car under your control in the worst weather conditions.

Winter Tyres Melksham

We fit tyres on the go with our mobile fitting tyre service or in the garage. With over 250 reviews, we’ve earned a reputation for reliability, safety, and affordability.

We stock a wide range of winter tyres for all vehicles and budgets. Speak to our team to find the perfect match for your needs.