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What Makes Caravan Tyres Different?

Picture the scene: you’ve packed for your holiday and organised every detail, only to find yourself somewhere by a roadside with a caravan tyre failure. Your long weekend or touring holiday is ruined. Choosing the right caravan tyres is critical for your safety and security.

Some caravan and motorhome tyres contain a Tyron safety band to prevent punctures, blowouts, and underinflated tyres. This band works by holding the tyre beads in place, preventing the wheel from impacting the road surface. That also saves you money.

In addition, caravan tyres handle much more wear. Capable of supporting greater loads, including belongings and people, they’re the only option for long-haul drives compared to car or van tyres.

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Caravan Tyres

The Advantages of Caravan Tyres

Proper caravan tyres can make or break your holiday, literally. Here are some of the benefits of choosing the right tyres.

  • Increased load capacity for heavy caravan weight
  • Enhanced stability during towing
  • Durable construction for longer life
  • Improved fuel efficiency with optimal pressure
  • Reduced risk of blowouts and punctures
  • Better traction in various weather conditions
  • Suitable for long-distance travel and varied terrains

How Long Do Caravan Tyres Last?

Like all tyres, caravan tyres will wear and deteriorate over time.

Even never-used tyres succumb to natural ageing as the rubber loses its effectiveness.

Caravan owners should replace the tyres every 5 years or so. You can usually find the date marked stamped on the tyres, including the week and month of manufacture.

Older tyres, however, don’t always have this mark, nor can you determine when the tyre was physically fitted to the caravan. If in doubt, it’s always safer to go with a new set of tyres than to waste your holiday by the roadside.

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Caravan Tyres in Melksham

Ensure your caravan is ready for the road with our trusted team at Melksham Tyre Supplies.

We’re your go-to experts with 50+ years in the industry and a huge selection of affordable, high-quality caravan tyres. We’ll guarantee your safety and comfort as you get ready for a long drive.

Whether you need fitting on-site or at our garage, our mobile service makes it convenient.

We’re praised in our online reviews for our reliability, safety, and affordability, offering a comprehensive range of tyres for every vehicle and budget.

Let our experienced team guide you to the best choice for your caravan.