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Car Tyres in Melksham

Pick from our wide selection of high-quality, affordable car tyres. Built for every vehicle and condition, we’ll fit your chosen tyre either in the garage or at a convenient location.

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Ordering car tyres the easy way

Ordering new car tyres doesn’t have to be so complicated. At Melksham Tyre Supplies, we simplify the process, helping you find the right tyre for your vehicle, needs, and budget. Our selection covers all weather conditions, vehicle types, and other factors.

But that’s not all. We also run a mobile tyre fitting service. So, you can either come into the garage for a fitting, or we’ll come to you. After you’ve booked your appointment and selected your tyre, we’ll get you back on the road in no time.

Wheel balancing and disposal are included in the price of all tyre fittings.

Car Tyres

Factors When Choosing Car Tyres

Do you drive in snowy, ice-cold conditions? Have you got an electric vehicle? Or do you need an all-round performance tyre that goes the distance? Selecting the best car tyres involves balancing several factors, including:

  • Tyre Size: Ensure compatibility with your vehicle’s specifications.
  • Tread Pattern: Choose based on driving conditions (wet, dry, off-road).

  • Seasonal Requirements: Consider summer, winter, or all-season tyres based on climate.

  • Load Capacity and Speed Rating: Match your vehicle’s requirements for safety and performance.
  • Brand and Quality: Research for durability, reliability, and overall performance.

  • Price and Warranty: Balance cost-effectiveness with long-term value and protection.

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Car Tyres

Should I Consider Specialty Tyres?

Yes. It’s not just the tyre brands you should consider. There are several different specialist tyres you might choose depending on your car usage. For example, if you drive a 4×4 SUV or electric car, choosing specialist tyres for these vehicles can prevent accidents and unnecessary tyre wear. Meanwhile, extremes of weather require specific rubber types or tyre treads.

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Choosing Melksham Tyre Supplies For Car Tyres

As the preferred tyre fitter for thousands of customers across Wiltshire.

Our expert team is ready to answer your questions if you’re unsure what tyre you need.

Bring your car into the garage or book a mobile appointment, and we’ll assess your vehicle.

We’ll provide an honest assessment, selecting a tyre that’s perfect for your budget and vehicle. Our car tyre inventory includes both premium brands and budget options.

Frequently asked questions.

What happens if you don’t balance your wheels?2023-12-20T15:45:30+00:00

If you don’t balance your wheels, you may experience uneven tyre wear, leading to a shorter tyre lifespan and potentially affecting your vehicle’s handling and safety.

How do I know if my wheels need balancing?2023-12-20T15:45:02+00:00

Some signs that your wheels need re-balancing include uneven tyre wear or vibrations in the steering wheel, especially at higher speeds.

Is wheel alignment really necessary?2023-12-20T15:24:43+00:00

Yes, wheel alignment is important as it ensures even tyre wear and better handling.

How do you know if your wheels need alignment?2023-12-20T15:24:22+00:00

A telltale sign you may need a wheel alignment if your tyres wear unevenly or your car pulls to one side while driving.

What is a battery check?2023-12-20T15:21:30+00:00

A battery check is a routine diagnostic procedure to determine whether your vehicle’s battery functions optimally.

How can I check if my battery is good?2023-12-20T15:21:16+00:00

For a safe and quick assessment, you can speak to a technician who can help you understand the battery’s health.

How do you check your tyres are safe?2023-12-20T15:28:17+00:00

To check if your tyres are safe, use a 20p coin. If the inner rim is hidden, your tyre is likely safe with at least 3mm of tread. If you can see the outer rim, it might be less than 3mm and unsafe. You can also speak to one of our technicians for a safety check.

How long does 2mm tread last?2023-12-20T15:28:40+00:00

The longevity of 2mm of tread on your tyres can vary depending on various factors, with usage being a key consideration. In general, with only 2mm of tread depth remaining, you can expect to drive for approximately 1,000 miles before the tyres reach a point where they need to be replaced.

What is a TPMS check?2023-12-20T15:20:07+00:00

A TPMS check, or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System check, is a service where our technicians verify that your vehicle’s TPMS system is functioning correctly. The TPMS is a safety feature in modern cars that monitors the air pressure in your tyres.

When should tyres be rotated?2023-12-20T15:19:25+00:00

The ideal timing for tyre rotation is a topic discussed extensively online, but as a general guideline, we recommend scheduling a tyre rotation every 5,000 to 7,000 miles or approximately every six months, whichever comes first.

Is rotating tyres a good idea?2023-12-20T15:19:04+00:00

Rotating your tyres is generally a good idea as it helps ensure even wear across all four tyres. Uneven tyre wear can lead to reduced traction, handling issues, and the need for premature tyre replacement.

Is it worth repairing a tyre puncture?2023-12-20T15:18:48+00:00

Whether it’s worth repairing a puncture depends largely on the size and location of the puncture in your tyre. Before proceeding with a repair, it’s advisable to have your tyres thoroughly checked by a professional technician.

How much should a puncture repair cost?2023-12-20T15:18:28+00:00

The cost of a puncture repair can vary, so it’s advisable to contact us for accurate pricing details. Several factors can influence the cost, such as the type of tyre, the severity and location of the puncture, and any additional services or materials required for the repair.

What is the lifespan of a new tyre?2023-12-20T15:29:06+00:00

The lifespan of a new tyre can vary significantly, influenced by both the type of tyre and how it’s used. Different tyres have different tread patterns and rubber compounds, which affect their durability. Factors like driving habits, road conditions, and maintenance practices also play a role in determining how long a tyre will last.

How much does it cost to fit tyres UK?2023-12-20T15:27:10+00:00

The cost can vary depending on where you go. Contact us or book your tyre fitting online today for pricing details.

Can someone come out to change a tyre?2023-12-20T15:27:21+00:00

Absolutely, you can always give us a call to learn more about our mobile tyre-fitting services and our availability.

Is mobile tyre fitting safe?2023-11-28T21:25:23+00:00

Yes, it is. All our technicians are experts with extensive experience in the removal and fitting of tyres, ensuring a safe and reliable service for your vehicle.

Can you fit tyres at home?2023-12-20T15:27:33+00:00

Yes, we can fit your tyres anywhere you find convenient, be it at home, work, or elsewhere. Our mobile service provides the flexibility and convenience of tire fitting at a location that suits you.



Are mobile tyre fitters expensive?2023-12-20T15:27:42+00:00

No, generally, they are no more expensive than local garages. Mobile tyre fitters often offer competitive pricing and the added convenience of coming to your location, saving you time and effort.

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