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4×4 tyres are premium tyres designed for use on a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Providing greater grip and security on challenging terrain, they’re perfect for SUVs driving both on-road and off-road.

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What are 4×4 Tyres?

4×4 tyres, also known as off-road tyres or all-terrain tyres, are explicitly designed for four-wheel drive vehicles. Unlike traditional tyres, they feature a robust construction and aggressive tread patterns. That lets them handle challenging low-grip terrains like mud, sand, gravel, and rocky surfaces.

Deep treads provide excellent traction in off-road conditions, reducing the risk of slipping and skidding. Meanwhile, because of the rugged surfaces, these tyres can withstand the additional wear and tear standard for off-road driving. Built with reinforced sidewalls to resist puncture and damage, they’re unrivalled in their durability and reliability – perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

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4×4 Tyres

Key Benefits of 4×4 Tyres

Achieve true SUV capabilities with 4×4 tyres:

  • Enhanced traction on various terrains, including mud, sand, and gravel
  • Durable construction to withstand off-road wear and tear
  • Reinforced sidewalls for increased puncture resistance
  • Aggressive tread patterns for improved grip in off-road conditions
  • Suitable for both recreational and agricultural vehicles
  • Balanced performance for occasional off-road and regular road use
  • Improved vehicle stability and safety in challenging driving conditions

Types of 4×4 Tyres

Not all 4×4 tyres are the same. Choose the best tyres for your primary usage:

  • 1
    On-Road Tyres: Best for almost exclusive road and motorway use, resemble standard car tyres, larger size, ideal for occasional off-road use, ensure smooth and quiet ride, improve fuel efficiency.
  • 2

    Off-Road Tyres: Suitable for extreme terrains, not for regular road use, loud on the tarmac, wears quickly, increases fuel consumption, capable of handling steep inclines and various rough surfaces, best for recreational and agricultural vehicles not often on public roads.

  • 3

    All-Terrain Tyres: Offer a balance between on-road and off-road, suitable for regular off-road use, handles tough conditions like mud and hills, designed for road use without excessive wear or fuel consumption, and ideal for 4×4 owners who don’t switch tyres for different activities.

Do You Need 4×4 Tyres?

Yes. SUVs, 4x4s, and Crossovers aren’t your standard road-going vehicle. From their increased kerb weight, raised position, and altered centre of gravity, these vehicles require a particular type of tyre. Without the correct 4×4 tyres, the higher centre of gravity will place additional pressure on the shoulder and outside tread. That means, at high speeds, there’s greater wear and tear. SUV tyres, however, are meticulously engineered to compensate for these changes, handling with safety and precision no matter what.

4×4 Tyres at Melksham Tyre Supplies

Get your 4×4 tyres from us. We’ve fitted tyres, evolving our techniques and standards with the industry for many years. With five-star reviews a plenty, we’re renowned for our reliability, safety, and affordability, delivering top-class tyre repair and replacement.

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